Vinyl Floor Coverings Sydney

Monterey Group professionals are expert in laying vinyl flooring at competitive prices.

Vinyl flooring is an extremely economical flooring choice since prices per meter square is much cheaper than other varieties of flooring. It is also easy to cut and lay into tiles or sheets yourself; however with our prices you might just want to sit back and let our specialists at Monterey Group handle the labouring for you as well.

One of the greatest features of vinyl flooring is that there are many designs that emulate other surface types and they can look very realistic. With Monterey Group, you can add some class to your home with stone or wood looking floors for a small fraction of the cost of the actual thing. You can have natural looking floors without the maintenance? Yes you can, because with the expertise offered with Monterey group you will be given a wide variety of designs and patterns that will be perfect for your home.

Vinyl floors are simple to clean. One of its greatest properties is that it is extremely water resilient. So, if spillage is a big problem in your home then eliminate the issue and get some flooring that will keep your home environment hygienic now and call Monterey Group for an easy installation of vinyl flooring. It is a resilient material too; stains are limited and therefore are a perfect flooring type for a family with small children ready to be kids and make a mess.

Since it is softer than hard flooring it is actually much quieter to walk on.

Why not call us now? There is no obligation, just have a quick chat with one of our experts to discuss your vinyl flooring options and prices to get your renovations and restorations started as soon as you are ready.